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Basic Kundalini Mantra


Saturn planet शनि ग्रह Satrun (Shani) appointed by Shiva (Supreme God of Universe ) , to pay attention in every souls so , No any individual on earth or Any Comic energy of any god goddess Lord , Avatar human souls king ,or asur any negative energy also not can able to escape the adverse effects pronounced by the rule of Shani.

No one can escape punishment of Shani , even belong to any religion or Dharma, However, the extent of adversities depends on every individual’s past work ‘Karma’ or the result of past deeds.

When you feel dejected, depressed and demotivated due to the troubles you face during the Saade Sati period, you can resort to chanting the Shani Mantra which will do you so much good including boosting up your morale and confidence.

Satrun Mantra

Method of chanting Shani Mantra Get Rosary yantra in advance from online shop . Having taken bath and seated in a silent and serene place, you may contemplate on the image of Shanidev and recite this mantra. Focus on the wonderful and majestic form of Sahanidev and chant this mantra in all devotion and faith. The ideal time to say this prayer is evening. You may also have an image or photograph of Lord Hanuman in front of you and offer flowers and worship to Hanuman which will equally please Shanidev. To have the best results, Shani Mantra is to be chanted 23,000 times. You may do this chanting in a phased manner. In a hectic schedule, you can chant the Shani mantra eight times during a particular cycle. Chanting for 108 times can be done whenever it is possible. Alternatively, you may keep chanting the mantra as you travel or when you are with your work. Method - keep Shani Yantra in front of you on a plate which cover by black cloth or clean new hanky ,put Yantra on it ,offer Mustred seed or oil chant mantra with Shani Rosary Yantra Mala



Members of Satrun Family

Mother Of Satrun - Shaya

Father - Sun Surya

Sister - Yami Yamuna (Pingla) For kundalini

Sister -'Bhadra

Brother- YamRaj Dharm Raj Lord of Death
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